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Travel insurance

What is travel insurance?

Travel insurance in India provides coverage for health expenses abroad as well as travel-related insurance coverage. 

In addition to providing travel insurance for travel delays, travel interruptions, trip cancellations, and related problems, it can also include additional travel-related expenses such as expenses incurred for medical and health emergencies that arise during your trip Can occur. 

Some schemes provide services such as travel-related advice, medical emergencies in your home or hospital, emergency cash or assistance in the event of loss or theft of your money, precious jewelry or travel documents.

Travel insurance is insurance taken for travel. This insurance is taken for a particular period. Travel insurance is very important to avoid any kind of loss. It is possible to extend the period of insurance as the duration of the journey increases. Travelers can also take travel insurance online. Taking online travel insurance provides maximum coverage for a low cost. 

Why is travel insurance necessary? 

Travelers taking travel insurance get relief on flight cancellation, flight delays. Apart from this, travel insurance is also very important for medical expenses in case of an untoward incident during the journey. However, travel insurance does not provide cover for diseases in advance. Travelers should take travel insurance like planning to roam. Travel insurance is very important especially for foreign travel. 

what is covered in travel insurance?

Travel insurance will cover cashless medical expenses, personal accidents, lost luggage, late arrival, lost passports, fixed-time travel. Earlier diseases, war risk, and suicide will not be covered in travel insurance. 

Travel Insurance gives you cover for medical expenses / financial losses incurred during your journey.

3. Travel insurance also gives you cover in case of theft of baggage or passport. Many insurance companies also help you arrange a temporary passport.

4. In the event of a natural disaster or during a terrorist event, emergency travel (flight tickets etc.) is covered in this insurance.


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